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Why Choose SwiftGreen?

  • Instant Response
  • Same-day 2 hour delivery guaranteed
  • Free delivery on orders over $150
  • Huge selection of cannabis products
  • Choose from flowers, edibles, vapes, CBD, shrooms & more
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Looking for same-day weed delivery in White Rock, BC?

Our Vancouver cannabis delivery service is the fastest and most reliable weed delivery service for White Rock, plus we have everything you’re looking for…


We carry a wide range of cannabis flower from AA – AAAA+. We feature many different indica, sativa and hybrid strains with varying amounts of THC and CBD. Check out some of our popular strains.


Weed edibles are fast becoming one of the most popular weed products due to their discreet nature. You can enjoy edibles at pretty much any time; gummies, baked goods, tinctures capsules and more. Edibles in Vancouver are easily available, check some of our most popular edibles below.


Vaping cannabis is also a very popular method of consumption. Choose from a wide variety of THC and CBD vapes, available in either cartridges or disposable vape pens. Check out some of our most popular vapes below.


Concentrates such as live resin and diamonds are incredibly popular with experienced cannabis users, those who like to get the purest form of cannabis, using a dab rig or dab pen. Check out some of our most popular concentrates below.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

We are your source of CBD products and CBD Oil in White Rock. We carry a large offering of CBD products; edibles, vapes and tinctures. When you are looking to buy CBD oil in Vancouver, Swiftgreen is your answer. Check out our most popular CBD products below.

Shrooms & Psilocybin Delivery White Rock

Magic mushrooms and psilocybin have gained recent popularity due to scientific research of their benefits. Now with Swiftgreen, you can have your shrooms delivered to your door within hours. We offer fast same-day delivery of shrooms in White Rock, to your doorstep. Check out our most popular psilocybin and shrooms products.

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White Rock Delivery FAQ:

Why Choose Swiftgreen for local cannabis delivery?

  • Instant Response
  • 2 hour delivery in White Rock guaranteed or $25 in credit
  • Get free delivery on orders over $150
  • Huge selection of cannabis products
  • Choose from flowers, edibles, vapes, CBD & more
  • Credit for future orders!

How Long Does My Order Take to Arrive?

In White Rock, you will receive your order within 2 hours of checking out. We process orders instantly and get them out the door. If we do not arrive within the allotted time, you will receive a $25 credit towards future orders.

Can I order delivery online?

It’s incredibly easy to place a delivery order online. This is something many people from White Rock are doing now as it’s more convenient than your traditional dispensary, or ordering from a mail-order service which can take up to 3 days!

How Do I place a delivery order?

Placing your delivery order is simple; visit our online menu, add the products you would like to your cart, checkout with “Local delivery” and send your payment. Our online menu has everything you are looking for at great prices. We will process your order quickly and you will receive your order within 2 hours guaranteed.