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Swift Green offers high-quality THC concentrates throughout Canada. Shop from our wide range of products, and get a hold of the THC product of your choice. Whether it is the oil, distillate, live resin, or shatter, you can find all of them at our store.

What is THC Concentrate?

The extract from cannabis is known as THC concentrate. A concentrate is a pure form of cannabis without the plant material. Thus, the flavours and potency levels of these concentrates are strong. With these concentrates, you can get higher THC dosages than you would get from traditional cannabis consumption. Usually, these concentrates are for people who want a stronger high or to avoid smoking carcinogens from flower.

There is a good variety of THC concentrate products.

  • oils and tinctures
  • shatter, budder and crumble
  • gummies, pills and edibles
  • lotions and creams
  • cartridges for vaping

You can get the same benefits from THC concentrates that you expect smoking or through edibles except in a more concentrated form.

Following is the list of benefits that you can get:

  • appetite control
  • anti-stress
  • anti-anxiety
  • antioxidant
  • anti-arthritic
  • anti-inflammatory effects

High-quality cannabis flower is the main ingredient in creating our THC Concentrate. Furthermore, we don’t use any filler for our products, so you can expect a high quality and pure experience.

You can use one of the following methods to use THC concentrates. These include:


By using the convention or conduction heating, the THC concentrates is heated to a level right before combustion and releases vapour. The vapours help in achieving the smooth and gentle hit.


In this process, you’ll place the THC Concentrate on a hot “nail”, resulting in combustion. With this method, you can consume large amounts of THC concentrates in one hit.


Adding THC Concentrates to drinks, soups, and food is another option you can use for consumption.

Here are a few reasons to buy from us:

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  • Buying without prescription is possible, making your purchase easier
  • The presence of different strains can allow you to choose your favorite product
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