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Yoda OG


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Yoda OG Strain is an Indica dominant variety, which has the infamous OG Kush in its genes, though it is not directly a descendant. Experts believe it to be an outcome of the cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Old World Paki Kush.

The physical properties of this strain seem to be derived from the OG Kush lineage. It includes chunky pale buds covered with orange hair. The flower is medium-sized and typically 75 inches tall.

The aroma is a mixture of Citrus, Lemon and Sweetness, with a Vanilla taste in the undertone gives a great taste to these frosty buds, which is often neutralized by the sharp diesel-like taste in the aftertaste.

The effects of this strain take time to kick, so you should not consume it in large quantities. The Indica dominant properties relax both the mind and body.

Although slow once the strain starts working, it makes you high. The overall THC content in this strain is 18.5% on average. The highest recorded THC amount in this strain has reached a whopping 28%.

In the “high” phase, you’ll feel a boost in the cerebral energy, which leads to euphoria. The euphoric impact tends to create a bubble of happiness in your mind, reducing anxiety and depression. You can feel lighter and enjoy the world around you.

With the calming of the euphoric high, your muscles start feeling heavier under the sedative impact of this strain. The relaxing feeling in the body, makes it easier to deal with chronic pain and aches. Lower back pain and arthritis can also be treated as a result. Once the relaxation “high” covers every muscle of your body, you’ll feel sleepy, and it would get difficult for you to get out of your bed. This impact is so strong that it makes the Yoda OG strain a great night strain for unwinding & relaxing. It is not recommended to be used in the daytime. Thus, these properties make it efficient in the treatment of insomnia.

Another amusing thing about the Yoda OG strain is its name. It is from one of the characters of Star Wars due to its resemblance to the little jedi. This tactic has actually been beneficial for the Yoda OG strain and its marketing because people have started seeking it actively to find the similarity. Do you see the resemblance?

Some of the negative influences of the Yoda OG strain include dry eyes and paranoia. Some users might report an increase in anxiety and dizziness. This strain is not for novices, and controlled quantities are recommended for the experts.

The flowering period of this strain is 65 days, and the plant can grow indoors. For outdoor cultivation, the flowering period is even less, and the plant should be ready to be harvested in October. 12-16 ounces per square meter is its average yield, which increases by 3-4 ounces in outdoor cultivation.



Relaxed 70%
Sleepy 45%
Euphoric 42%
Happy 37%
Hungry 27%

Helps with

Stress 41%
Insomnia 36%
Pain 35%
Anxiety 30%
Depression 27%


Dry mouth 26%
Dry eyes 11%
Dizzy 6%
Paranoid 3%
Headache 3%

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