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Tom Ford – Budget Ounce (28g)

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The exact lineage of the Tom Ford strain is still unknown. But the experts have identified one of the parent strains of this Indica dominant strain as Pink Kush.

The physical properties of this bud make it one-of-a-kind. You can see a mixture of deep purple & deep green colors and red fibers surrounding it. The white trichomes cover it completely, giving it an overall frosty outlook.

Earthy flavor is what you’ll taste at the start, along with a sweet taste as the undertone. You can also feel the woodiness, citrus, and honey taste when tom ford strain gets into your mouth.

The effects of Tom Ford are strong, and it starts soon after consuming it with a THC content of 23%. The cerebral energy is the first thing that you will feel. The intensity of this energy is so overwhelming that it results in enhancing all your senses.

It also gives you a feeling of euphoria, making you happy and joyful. Soon after setting the cerebral high, your body would start feeling warm, relaxing your muscles and bringing you to a couch-locked position. With the Tom Ford strain, you can expect the mental and physical high both with a strong impact.

Because of the strength of both these factors, medically, it can be an efficient product for treating anxiety, stress, and chronic depression. The euphoria and feelings of happiness can help in overcoming the negativities from the user’s life. Besides, the tom ford strain can treat physical pain and muscle spasms with its physically relaxing properties.

The side effects of chronic disorders can also be better by using this strain.

Moreover, the relaxing impact of the Tom Ford strain is also helpful in the treatment of insomnia.

Just like the designer Tom Ford, this strain is also unique with its properties and the overall impact it is capable of creating.



Relaxed 82%
Happy 54%
Sleepy 52%
Euphoric 47%
Hungry 34%

Helps with

Pain 38%
Insomnia 37%
Stress 35%
Anxiety 24%
Depression 22%


Dry mouth 40%
Dry eyes 20%
Dizzy 7%
Anxious 4%
Paranoid 3%

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28 g

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Not a bad taste, great price for what you get.