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Sour Diesel


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Sour Diesel Strain is sativa dominant with Chemdawg and Super Skunk as the parent strains. However, there is no definite agreement on its exact genetic makeup.

It is amongst one of the oldest strains that became famous in the 1900s and is still in demand today. People also know it with its abbreviated name of Sour D.

The buds of sour diesel strain are medium-sized and round-shaped. This plant gets a distinctive shape because of the yellowish-green leaves and sticky flowers.

It has a flowering period of 77 days and requires a dry outdoor climate for the best growth. The Mediterranean-like climate is essential for its proper cultivation, usually ranging from 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant size can grow over 4 feet in length and can have a moderately high yield.

The potency level of sour diesel strain is strong, having a THC content between 20-25%. Sour Diesel is famous for its head high with some physical effects as well. This is what makes it famous amongst recreational and medical smokers.

As the name suggests, the aroma and taste of this strain depict a pungent profile. The scent intensifies when breaking or grinding the bud. The smoke of this bud is extremely harsh, causing a strong cough. The flavor at this point is described as unpleasant by many users. Moreover, the taste remains on your tongue for quite some time. Though a favorite to some, it is definitely an acquired taste.

Upon consumption of Sour Diesel, you will feel warm and pleasant energy flowing towards your head. This energy intensifies the synaptic activity, making your feel more spacey. You’ll also notice a general uplift in mood. With this boost in mood and energy, users might feel chatty and social. Besides, you can also feel a bit creative because consuming this strain increases the power of associative thinking.

You can also feel the mild physical relaxation in the muscles. However, this body relaxation is nothing close to being couch-locked. The relaxing effect of sour diesel strain can help in treating pain and aches. Medically, the warm energy that creates euphoria can help treat anxiety, mild stress, and depression.

An average high caused by this strain lasts 2-3 hours, so you must adjust your intake accordingly.

Dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia are a few drawbacks that you should expect while consuming this strain.



Happy 54%
Relaxed 51%
Uplifted 49%
Euphoric 45%
Energetic 38%

Helps with

Stress 30%
Depression 25%
Pain 22%
Anxiety 18%
Fatigue 14%


Dry mouth 18%
Dry eyes 11%
Dizzy 4%
Anxious 4%
Paranoid 3%

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Hall Of Fame (AAAAA)




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