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Red Congolese – Budget Ounce (28g)

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Red Congolese strain is a sativa dominant of unknown origin. However, the experts consider it a cross between Afghani Landrace, a Mexican Sativa, and Congolese. Despite its unknown lineage, the Red Congolese has won numerous cups and awards.

Unlike the red in the name, the color of these buds is not red. The buds are minty green with Deep reds and oranges in a few places. These nugs are covered with the off–white trichomes.

The aroma of red congolese strain is skunky enough to fill the entire room just after the opening of the packet. Apart from the skunky touch, the cheesy smell and the berry & spicy touch are also part of this strain.

Although the THC content level is 18-21% in the red congolese strain, it is still considered a daytime strain. The high potency of this strain makes it perfect for recreational and medical use.

Upon consuming this strain, you’ll feel an immediate feeling of high that will leave your body stoned. You will also feel an increase in your awareness level and concentration. Along with this mental state, you can also feel euphoria and happiness. These emotions will melt away all the negative thoughts, confusions and will drive you away from stressors.

The bodily high that comes with red congolese strain can alleviate the pain and aches that your body could be suffering. Physical relaxation and arousal could be the result of this tingling feeling.

With the fading high, you’ll lose the creativity and focus that you gained as a result of this strain, and you’ll be left with quiet and peaceful tranquility. Some individuals have reported its efficiency in treating insomnia as well.

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Happy 64%
Uplifted 52%
Relaxed 50%
Euphoric 42%
Energetic 40%

Helps with

Stress 23%
Anxiety 18%
Depression 17%
Pain 16%
Fatigue 11%


Dry mouth 23%
Dry eyes 7%
Paranoid 7%
Anxious 6%
Headache 2%

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28 g