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Purple Widow


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Purple Widow strain was created as a combination of White Widow with Purple Power. The “Purple” in the name comes from the purplish hue that the plant carries. It was cultivated in 2007 in the Netherlands. Since then, it has been liked by smokers for its extraordinary properties.

The main characteristic of this strain is its lushness. Farmers cannot grow it indoors because of its heightened and dense structure. It takes 64-71 days for the flowers to grow.

The buds are covered with trichomes and give a resinous texture to them. Overall THC Content in this strain is approximately 20%, with less than 1% CBD.

The taste of this strain contains a berry to citrusy flavor. Similarly, the aroma also has the touch of fruit and floral smells.
The high of Purple Widow is strange because of the unique combination of equally dominant Sativa and Indica properties.

It reflects in the form of a relaxed feeling with a boost in cerebral energy. However, you won’t get physically tired or sedated, thus making this strain an afternoon or an early evening strain.

The powerful mental effects you get during the high will make you feel creative with a happy and euphoric touch. You can focus on your tasks and get creative with your hobbies or find the solutions for your problems. Try painting or any of the other creative activities to see the creative impact of the Purple Widow.
The mental high also makes you feel delightful and a bit talkative too. So, you can use it for social attention at the party.

From the medical viewpoint, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and other such issues can be mitigated using the Purple Widow. This is because of the cerebral energy boost that this strain brings.
Moreover, treatment of inflammation, pain, headache, and nausea can also be expected through the moderate use of this strain. Because of its soothing properties, it can help to treat nausea and issues like loss of appetite. You should have some snacks ready when consuming this strain.

The drawbacks of using this strain can be seen in some smokers. These include cotton eyes and a dry mouth. Anxiousness, dizziness, and paranoia are some of the other side effects, which are rare but can be seen in the new users of the strain.



Happy 58%
Relaxed 56%
Euphoric 56%
Uplifted 47%
Energetic 43%

Helps with

Stress 33%
Depression 32%
Pain 29%
Anxiety 24%
Fatigue 18%


Dry mouth 24%
Dry eyes 12%
Anxious 10%
Paranoid 7%
Headache 6%

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