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Mike Tyson OG


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The name of Mike Tyson strain is named after the former boxer and world champion heavyweight Mike Tyson, who can just about knock anyone out. This reflects in this strain as even experienced smokers will need to be wary of this strain’s punching power.

One of the strains used in the formation of Mike Tyson strain is OG Kush, whereas the other parent is still a mystery.

Large lumpy green nugs topped with golden crystal trichomes, surrounded with orange fuzz give a beautiful visual to this strain.

This strain comes with a pungent aroma with an equally smelly taste. Nose-burning diesel smells have been reported by some of the users as well.

You can expect strong physical effects of this Indica-dominant strain to be the prominent characteristic of this strain, including strong sedation and numbing effects. On average, the THC content of this strain is 21%.

Upon consumption, the strong-euphoric energy hits your mind, uplifting your mood. The haziness that comes with the strain will relax the mind, putting you to sleep as well.

The powerful body-numbing properties of Mike Tyson OG can help patients having muscle pains, arthritis, and other inflammatory issues. Besides, the physical symptoms of chronic stress can also be alleviated with this strain. Even the initial cerebral high and feeling of euphoria can lessen negative thoughts.

Insomniacs can also expect a sound sleep after the body numbing effects of this strain starts kicking in. It is better to grab a packet of your favorite snacks before consuming this strain, as it does bring a case of the munchies. Medically, you can use it for patients with low appetite or eating disorders.

It is because of the strong Indica dominant properties that this strain is not recommended for newbies.



Relaxed 69%
Euphoric 44%
Happy 43%
Sleepy 34%
Uplifted 30%

Helps with

Stress 27%
Anxiety 23%
Pain 21%
Insomnia 18%
Depression 17%


Dry mouth 19%
Dry eyes 11%
Dizzy 6%
Paranoid 2%
Anxious 2%

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