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Jet Fuel


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This is Sativa dominant hybrid with Aspen OG and High Country Diesel as the parent lineage. Most people know it by its common name, G6, and its title, Cocaine of Marijuana. The name of this strain also indicates its properties that we will highlight in the upcoming paragraphs.

The plant is 6-feet tall, which in some cases might go up to 10-ft tall. Usually, an indoor environment is suitable for its growth. However, if you are growing it in October, it can sustain outdoors as well. The average yield of the plant is 14 ounces per square meter. It is at a mediocre level, according to the experts.

The physical structure of the buds is plum with dark green leaves. The buds change their color to orange near the time of harvest. You can start harvesting when 50% of the buds if Jet Fuel has changed color. Waiting for 70-80% color change can let you have the highest potency jet fuel, but if you choose to wait any longer, the buds will start spoiling, and the quality of your strain would decrease.

The taste of this strain is pungent and piney. It starts with an earthy touch, which gets more diesel-like within seconds. The smell is also pungent, which is strong enough to cover the entire room within seconds.

The THC level of 17-19% is part of this strain, making it a mild one when it comes to “high.” But still, the taste and effect it creates are unique and keeps the consumers coming back to it. Even with the mediocre high properties, this strain should not be a choice if you need healing powers without the high.

After consuming the Jet Fuel, you’ll feel super-energetic both from the mind and the body. As the high kicks in, your brain would be filled with euphoria. You’ll have a feeling that you can conquer the entire world. All such feelings would penetrate in you for a short time and would be there for a short time too. Thus, the name of the Jet Fuel reflects in its properties.

The high is mediocre but strong enough to help you through your essential tasks. Thus you can use it as an afternoon strain when you are having a tiring day at work. Similarly, taking it in the evening with a night to socialize is a great option. An added advantage that you can get here is the giggly and talkative impact it creates. This is probably because of the euphoria. So, you can expect to have a great evening with your friends and family.

The medical benefits of Jet Fuel include the reduction of tension and headaches because of the relaxed and euphoric energy. Chronic fatigue can also be treated with a strong impact. People with eating disorders can also use it for impulsive eating because it is usually known for enhancing the appetite, and even for regular consumers, keeping snacks within easy reach is recommended.

However, you can expect a few negative influences too. You might feel dizzy or paranoid. The feeling of tiredness in the body is also normal once the impact wears off. This is why it shouldn’t be consumed in the morning when you have an entire workday ahead.

This strain is not the “most high” yielding strain, but still, it is powerful and is not recommended for novices.



Happy 54%
Relaxed 51%
Uplifted 49%
Euphoric 45%
Energetic 38%

Helps with

Stress 30%
Depression 25%
Pain 22%
Anxiety 18%
Fatigue 14%


Dry mouth 18%
Dry eyes 11%
Dizzy 4%
Anxious 4%
Paranoid 3%

Additional information


Hybrid, Sativa






3.5 g, 7 g, 14 g