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God’s Green Crack


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The creation of God’s Green Crack has been done with a need to lighten up the effects of God Bud. For this reason, God’s Bud (Indica) was crossed with Green Crack (Sativa). The result can be seen as relaxing muscles and a refreshing impact on the brain.

The flowering period for this plant is brief and only requires 7 to 8 weeks. Semi humid environments and Mediterranean-like temperatures can help in its proper growth.

The buds of God’s Green crack get the deep purple color if grown in lower temperatures. This color can be mostly seen at the maturity stage. The buds are large and have a mini pinecone-related shape. You can witness Indica dominant properties in the structure, which reflects through curled leaves and narrow disposition. Orange pistils with white trichomes make an attractive combination to look at.

Woodsy and herbal notes form the aroma of this strain, with the citrus as an undertone make it unique. Grinding or breaking the bud secretes a hashy scent – one of the properties this plant receives from the God Bud.

Overall THC content part of this strain ranges from 19-25%. You can feel the impact of this strain right after its intake. At the initial stage, the enticing aroma and taste will keep you occupied. Once it subsides, the actual impact of the high will strike you. You’ll notice the effect in the form of throbbing templates, which will reduce in a minute or two, leaving a high amount of cerebral energy in your brain that will clarify your thought process.

The free-floating ideas and shifting from one idea to the next can help you feel more creative and productive. You can use these qualities at work to finish your pending tasks or can indulge in a personal hobby that requires creative abilities. However, this impact would sustain for an hour, probably less. Once it wears off, your body will start feeling the effect of the high.

Your muscles will start getting stony, and your eyelids feeling heavy. However, you can still indulge in passive activities like snacking or watching TV while sitting in a relaxed mode.

This strain can also be used the reducing the negative impacts of several physical and mental disorders. The initial mental High that this strain brings can help people with concentration disorders. They’ll be able to focus more and perform their risks efficiently. Conditions like depression, anxiety, and other such conditions might also get treated, as a result, of consuming this strain. His is because it reduces the fogginess in the mind and gives a clear perspective to look at things.

From a physical point of view, this strain helps treat mild pains and headaches. The adverse medical conditions caused by harsh medicines resulting in loss of appetite can also be treated by using this cannabis plant.

The negative impact of this strain can be felt in the form of paranoia. So, people who are prone to panic or paranoia attacks should not consume this strain.



Happy 58%
Relaxed 56%
Euphoric 56%
Uplifted 47%
Energetic 43%

Helps with

Stress 33%
Depression 32%
Pain 29%
Anxiety 24%
Fatigue 18%


Dry mouth 24%
Dry eyes 12%
Anxious 10%
Paranoid 7%
Headache 6%

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