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Euphoria Extractions – Milk Chocolate Shatter Bars – Indica (500mg)

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These shatter bars have all the cannabis that you would need to enjoy the complete euphoria with the great taste and multiple recreational and medical benefits. With the lab-tested use of cannabis, you can expect nothing but the best quality of cannabis extract in these bars. Order yours ‘now.

The taste of these shatter bars is just like chocolate, offering you euphoric feelings and other advantages that come along with CBD and THC.

The dosages of these shatter bars are quite high depending on the consumer’s tolerance levels. You can start with the smaller quantities and analyze your maximum high to determine the adequate dose for yourself.

The effects of these shatter bars can last for hours before you can settle into your original mood. The euphoria is perfect for taking yourself out of this world and its worries. 

Medically, the euphoric feeling can be used for the treatment of anxiety and mild depression. Patients can feel lighter and happier as a result of the milk chocolate.

One of the benefits these bars provide is the carrying and usage ease, especially when traveling. Even in your daily routine, these extracts can be a great source for consuming your favorite cannabis.

While shopping for these edibles on Swift Green, you can be sure that you’ll get the best quality product, which can ensure high potency and is medically safe.

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