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Donkey Butter


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Donkey Butter strain has a unique name, but surprisingly it doesn’t have anything to do with donkeys. Created as a result of the cross between Grease Monkey and Triple OG, you can expect strong-sedating powers covering your body and mind completely.

The THC Content found in this particular strain ranges between 14-27%, highlighting the potency of this strain.

The flowers of donkey butter are conical in shape, available in large sizes. The dense composition of these buds highlights the Indica dominant lineage. Curly leaves in a lush forest green hue add to the beauty of the plant, along with the presence of shades of purple. Orange pistils with translucent trichomes make the bud look even more beautiful.

The earthy scent is quite prominent, which can also transform to woody or piney notes in the second whiff. When combusted, it can produce a harsh, acrid aroma that can create watery eyes,

The high from the Donkey Butter is known to creep. The effects of this strain starts slowly as it slowly ramps up.

You can enjoy the mental energizing effects for an hour before the physical high sets in. You will start feeling weight on your body, inducing a feeling of sleepiness. The impact of the body-high is so strong that you will feel stuck to your chair or bed for the next few hours waiting to fall gently asleep.

Medically, the use of Donkey Butter can help treat stress and anxiety. The powerful creative energy and the uplifting sensation are responsible for it.

Similarly, the powerful sedating effect can reduce pain. Strong pain caused by inflammation or other diseases can be easily mitigated with the use of this strain. Patients can feel relieved. Besides, the patients with insomnia can also sleep easily with the high that this strain brings in.

Because of the physical effects, this strain is recommended as an afternoon or evening strain so you can unwind and relax easily. One of the other benefits of this strain is that people with low THC tolerance and higher chances of paranoia can also consume it to get the benefits it provides.



Relaxed 76%
Happy 49%
Sleepy 46%
Euphoric 44%
Uplifted 27%

Helps with

Stress 42%
Pain 34%
Anxiety 30%
Insomnia 25%
Depression 22%


Dry mouth 24%
Dry eyes 10%
Dizzy 5%
Anxious 4%
Paranoid 3%

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Hall Of Fame (AAAAA)


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