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Death Bubba


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Death Bubba strain has a dangerous name, but it does not mean that it is deathly for the consumer. Death Star and Bubba Kush are the parent strains of Death Bubba. With this Indica dominant breed, you can expect a bodily high to the level of semi-sedation.

Green buds with a purple shade make the buds look beautiful. White trichomes and brown terpenes surround the bud, giving it its iconic shape.

The fragrance of the Death Bubba is pungent with earthy and pine notes. Similarly, the flavour of this strain is a mixture of earthy, sweet, and pine tastes. On the inhale, you’ll taste a lemon citrus taste too.

The effects of the death bubba strain start spreading through your body with the first puff. Psychoactive effects are initially high, making you motivated and alert. Such a situation occurs for a few minutes only, so you should get yourself ready for the heavy sedating impact. With the high covering your body and brain, you’ll get into deep thoughts. The high then changes leading to a nice sweet slumber.

With the high THC Content level in the Death Bubba strain, your body will feel comfortable and relaxed. Medically, you can use it for treating physical pain. The sedating effects can help in treating bodily discomforts and pain that occurs because of the other diseases.

Even with its Indica dominant nature, the mental impact of death bubba strain is also noteworthy. The consumers of this strain have also reported feelings of happiness and euphoria after consuming it.

Consuming death bubba strain can also result in munchies. So, keep your snacks readily available, as with the couch-locked position, you will not be able to grab them later. With this feature of the strain, medical practitioners use it for treating eating disorders as well.

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Cultivating this plant isn’t easy and requires a lot of experience to get it right. Indoor cultivation is preferred, but it can be grown outdoors. However, a warm climate is optimal in both situations. For the outdoors, the flowering time is Mid October. 8-9 week indoor flowering time is optimal.

Newbies should not consume Death Bubba strain because of its powerful properties. Apart from dry mouth, dry eyes, and anxiety, it can also initiate dizziness and even paranoia for some users. Besides, the intense body high is also one reason for suggesting newbies remain off this strain.



Relaxed 86%
Happy 55%
Sleepy 54%
Euphoric 50%
Hungry 35%

Helps with

Insomnia 38%
Pain 38%
Stress 35%
Anxiety 24%
Depression 22%


Dry mouth 40%
Dry eyes 20%
Dizzy 7%
Anxious 4%
Paranoid 4%

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