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Cherry OG – Budget Ounce (28g)

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Cherry OG strain is the cross between Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG genetics. The 50/50 hybrid characteristics make it a perfect strain for an equal mental and physical high.

It gets its diesel-like smell from the OG. But still, the taste and aroma of cherry are prominent.

The physical properties of the Cherry OG strain include the presence of large buds in a dense structure. With conical shape, the buds form a unique structure in comparison to the other prominent varieties of the Sativa strain.

Full body euphoria and high cerebral activity are both results of cherry OG strain. The Sativa properties create a boost in cerebral energy, which helps in generating creativity and finding out-of-the-box ideas for problems. Meanwhile, the Indica side of the strain helps in easing the muscles and pushing users into a couch-locked position.

You can use the Cheery OG strains to enjoy the euphoric and happy effects it has. This impact can treat the patients of stress, depression, and other mental afflictions that require decluttering of the brain before generating new creative ideas. You can even start socializing and talking to people because of the cerebral boost that this strain provides.

Similarly, the physical impact of the strain is also equally dominant. So, medically it can relieve pain from the body and provide you with a treatment for insomnia.

The mixture of both these impacts would make it a perfect evening strain that you can enjoy after a stressful day at work.

You should expect a few side effects to be part of the strain too. So, be ready for them. The cerebral high created as a result of consuming OG strain can sometimes lead to anxiety. Besides, headaches and dry mouth are some of the other side effects you should expect when using this strain.



Happy 60%
Relaxed 57%
Euphoric 53%
Uplifted 43%
Talkative 31%

Helps with

Stress 28%
Depression 24%
Anxiety 22%
Pain 18%
Lack of appetite 11%


Dry mouth 21%
Anxious 7%
Dizzy 6%
Paranoid 6%
Dry eyes 5%

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28 g