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Blunicorn strain is Indica dominant, which is bred by In house Genetics. Unicorn Poop and Blue Sherbert are the parent strains of this variety, having a mixture of the features of both these strain types.

The color of the buds of this strain is purple with bright green color. It also has orange hair surrounding the buds and is an indication of its Unicorn Poop heritage.

This strain comes with a combination of cerebral high and physically relaxing properties. The total THC Content present in this strain is 20% on average.

Blunicorn is a strain that can bring in creativity through the cerebral high that it induces in its consumers. The mental effects can let you think clearly and provide successful out-of-the-box solutions for yourself. It can sharpen up your focus and energy levels, helping you in your daily tasks.

Using this strain can bring in a feeling of euphoria, which can make you giggly and social. Thus, you can use it as a strain for socializing. This results in an overall happy and relaxed feeling from the Blunicorn Strain.

CBD is present in the strain in lower quantities; thus, the impact it creates at the physical level is not very strong, thus letting you relax while you work.

Medically, it can be used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. It can reduce the negative impact of anxiety disorders.
The general side effects of using this strain include dry eyes and cottonmouth. However, it doesn’t have many other side effects making this strain a good recommendation for newbies and experienced smokers alike.

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Happy 63%
Relaxed 59%
Euphoric 54%
Uplifted 47%
Creative 35%

Helps with

Stress 35%
Depression 27%
Anxiety 26%
Pain 26%
Insomnia 14%


Dry mouth 26%
Dry eyes 14%
Dizzy 5%
Paranoid 5%
Anxious 4%

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Hall Of Fame (AAAAA)


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