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Do you need a perfect A-list strain? Blueberry strain is the right choice. It is an Indica dominant strain created through a cross between Purple Thai with Thai. This strain has won awards for its potency and unique flavor. In a typical blueberry strain, you can expect the THC to range from 15% to 24%.

The smell of this strain is prominent because of the blueberry fruit touch that it brings. Similarly, the taste contains a hint of blueberry as well. This is one of the reasons for its significant acceptance in the cannabis consumers’ market.

However, it is not the only aroma you can experience in this strain. The bud also has notes of spices and musk. You can even smell some skunkiness upon the combustion of the bud.

The small and densely packed flowers of this strain highlight the Indica dominant variety. Most part of the leaves is forest green in color with traces of red and purple. These color variations are because of the exposure to cold temperatures during the growing phase. Transparent trichomes cover the leaves, while the glands covering the resinous strains are amber or milk-colored.

The effects of the Blueberry strain on the users is so strong that it is often marked as a “one hit and quit” strain. Even the experienced consumers could be overwhelmed, so newbies are advised to be cautious.

The powerful physical effects you will feel immediately after the consumption of this strain can bring disorientation. You will also experience a strong body high that will put you into a couch. So, it is advised to be relaxed when you are about to consume this strain. Thus, it is more of an unwinding cannabis variety, which can help you relax physically rather than making you productive.

The presence of the Sativa variety in the strain creates light mental effects as a euphoric uplift. When it combines with a powerful physical high, it leads to a totally relaxing experience.

Medically, the use of Blueberry strain can bring relaxing benefits in case of extreme pain. Besides, the physical properties lessen the symptoms that come with anxiety and depression as well.

Moreover, it can help in deep sleep, making it easier for insomniacs to get back to life.

Excessive consumption of Blueberry can make you couch-locked. Even milder usage can make you have dry/red eyes and cottonmouth as the physical symptoms. You should expect the effects of this strain to last longer than the other ones.



Relaxed 55%
Happy 39%
Euphoric 30%
Uplifted 27%
Sleepy 21%

Helps with

Stress 18%
Anxiety 16%
Depression 14%
Pain 12%
Insomnia 9%


Dry mouth 17%
Dry eyes 9%
Dizzy 3%
Anxious 3%
Headache 2%

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