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Blue Dream Shatter

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With the origination from California, Blue Dream shatter Strain has already established its importance in the west coast strains. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid, which is known to bring relaxing bodily effects with a gentle increase in cerebral energy.

The taste and flavour of Blue dream are similar to blueberries, which is one of the primary reasons for its high popularity and strong demand amongst its users.

Blue Dream shatter is equally liked by newbies and veterans alike because of the beautiful mixture of the physical and mental high it generates for the users.

The relatively strong physical effects of the strain can make it easier for you to bear pain or overcome it. It reduces the sensational feeling that comes with the pain, letting you relax. The physical relaxation you can get is solid, but you don’t have to go through the feelings of sedation along with it. This makes it a good morning strain, which can be used to help patients.

Besides, the energy released because of the mental High makes you feel uplifted, which directly impacts the depression and feelings of anxiety in the consumers, helping them feel better.

The users have also reported a reduction of nausea as one of the benefits of this strain. Moreover, the lack of appetite associate with it can also be lowered significantly.

As a Shatter, Blue Dream can provide you with similar effects to the flower but at a stronger dosage. So, we recommend you to start with a small quantity initially and then move to the higher dosage depending upon your tolerance level.

At Swift Green, we provide you with the best quality of Blue Dream Shatter. Order it now!



Happy 60%
Euphoric 55%
Relaxed 52%
Uplifted 51%
Creative 41%

Helps with

Stress 38%
Anxiety 30%
Depression 29%
Pain 28%
Insomnia 14%


Dry mouth 31%
Dry eyes 16%
Paranoid 7%
Dizzy 6%
Anxious 4%

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa H.
So good

First time ordering shatter from here and The blue dream shatter is great!! Will def be ordering again.