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Birthday Cake Live Resin

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Birthday cake is an Indica dominant strain known for producing robust physical effects on its consumers. It is created as a result of a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains, and it is a high THC resin you can enjoy.

It has a Yellowish gummish texture. The Birthday Cake Live Resin has a sweet cake-like taste. The taste and name of this strain make it perfect for consumption as an end-of-the-day dessert. The properties and impact of consuming this strain also complement the day-ending image it has.

The maximum THC you can expect from this strain is up to 24%, making it a medium to high-level bud.

The medical benefit of Birthday Cake Live Resin includes the alleviation of pain because of its sedating physical effects.

Similarly, inflammation and headaches can be reduced through the sedation that will run through your body after consuming this strain. Despite the strong physical sedating impact of this strain, it does not create mental-high or numbing effects.

Thus you can enjoy the relaxing benefits without having to go through the usual head high.

Another benefit you can get through the consumption of Birthday Cake strain is the recovery from appetite loss. So, when you want to have this strain, keep a packet of snacks handy, as you would need it.

A few users have also reported euphoria as part of the effects you can expect from Birthday Cake Live Resin. Thus, general mood uplifting, anxiety reduction, and mild depression can be the medical benefits you get from this strain.

Like any other strain, dry mouth and watery eyes are the negative impacts that the strain might create for you. So, keep it in mind when you get a hold of it.



Relaxed 67%
Happy 53%
Euphoric 44%
Uplifted 32%
Sleepy 24%

Helps with

Stress 29%
Anxiety 25%
Depression 21%
Pain 20%
Insomnia 15%


Dry mouth 18%
Dry eyes 10%
Dizzy 5%
Paranoid 5%
Anxious 4%

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