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Are you looking to buy pre-rolled joints in Canada? We are selling high-quality marijuana products at the best price.
Rolling cannabis requires time and the appropriate technique. When busy or on the go, have ready-rolled joints ready to go.

What are Pre-Rolled Joints?

We grind, roll, and package the cannabis flowers for easy and hassle-free consumption. These are known as pre-rolled joints.
You can find the strain-specific pre-rolled varieties, different potency levels, and variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties to make the consumption of cannabis easier.

Pre-rolled joints are filled with ground weed and includes a filter. It ensures that you have everything you require for a great experience. You can find these joints in the individual and multipacks.

Using pre-rolled joints can offer convenience in usage and storability. You can use these pre-rolled jays in your daily routine and enjoy a hassle-free high experience. Besides, they can allow you to have a relatively inexpensive high and are easily disposable, reducing any additional hassle.

In an individual pack, we insert 0.75g of a strain, helping you get in the desired state. In a multipack, the quantity of individual rolls varies. You can explore the products to find a bundle that suits your needs.

With cannabis products, quality is everything, and this is why we do not compromise on it. You’ll get 100% flower used in all pre-rolls without any doubt.
However, there are different levels of flower quality that you can choose from. These include:
• AAA Flower
• AAAA Flower

Cannabis flowers and buds have a shelf life. With time, they can lose flavor and potency. Sometimes, molds can grow over them too. Pre-rolled joints can have the same limitations. However, it takes months to reach this stage and can be avoided with a dark, cool and dry storing environment.

Wondering why choose Swift Green? Here are the reasons:
• We use only flowers in our pre-rolls – no stems or shake
• The variety of pre-rolls individual packs and packages we offer is unmatchable
• You can choose from a multitude of strains
• We deliver across Canada
• You can get free shipping for over $150 shopping
• We have efficient customer support waiting to help you in the best possible way.
• Overall, you’ll get the best value for your money.
Order now and get your pre-rolled joints at your doorstep.