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    Have you been seeing people using different methods for CBD concentrate intake? Do you wonder what makes the difference or what benefit does each of these techniques provides? You’ll get all the information about using THC Concentrate here in this guide.

    Multiple methods available:

    We are sure you would have seen people consuming THC concentrate through different methods. But is there the right one? There is no right or wrong methodology here, but it all depends on your expectations, affordability, and the concentrate type you want to use.


    Many people like dabbing when it comes to THC concentrate. In this method, heat is provided to the concentrate to the point it vaporizes and produces a potent smoke to inhale.

    For the newbies in the THC world, dabbing is a daunting term. So, we are here to make your first dab easy. Go ahead and read the details about how to use THC Concentrate.

    What would you need?

    Here are the main items you need for dabbing: dab rig, nail, dab-tool, torch, carb cap, and cannabis extract.

    What to do?

    1. Turn the torch and point the flame at the nail. Keep it there till it gets red-hot.
    2. Let the nail cool for about 45 seconds.
    3. Connect your dab directly with the nail and inhale slowly with your dabber.
    4. Use the carb cap to cover the dab for maintaining constant airflow.
    5. Exhale.

    Wasn’t it easy?

    Vape Pen:

    Another prominent method for consuming THC is a vape pen. It is a battery-operated atomizer. You can use it for heating the THC Concentrate and consuming it through the mouth in vaporous form.

    It consists of chamber, atomizer and battery as its main part.

    How to use THC vape pen?

    Here is how a typical vape pen operates:

    1. Switch on the pen by pressing the button 5 times. It will turn on the flashing light.
    2. Now push the button and inhale.
    3. Turn the battery off by pushing the button 5 times and you are good to go.


    You can also use a small syringe or dropper to get the THC Concentrate into your mouth. This one is simple, isn’t it?


    A THC Concentrate is available in different edibles as well. You can buy those edibles and get hold of the strong effects of your favorite weed.

    Although any of these methods can be used for using THC Concentrate, dabbing has its own charm. So, try it if you feel like doing something new.