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    Have you grown your own weed and now want to create some THC Concentrate? There are different methods we will be sharing here in this article.

    But let’s start with the explanation of concentrates, as the consumers new in this field are often confused between the extract and concentrate.

    What is a concentrate?

    The pure form of cannabis extracted from the weed plant without using any solvents and instead utilizing rubbing, beating, or pressing as the primary techniques results in products like kief, hash, or rosin. These are known as THC concentrates.

    Methods to make THC Concentrates:

    Multiple methods are available for creating THC Concentrates, with even new methods evolving with changing technologies. We’ll concentrate on the ones that can easily be used at your home. So, let’ start the learning journey.

    Shaking and Sifting:

    This one is the simplest, oldest, and most reliable method for creating the THC Concentrate. Grind your cannabis plant in a normal grinder. Once you get it in small pieces, use a sifter to strain the finest particles of kief (concentrates form).

    A pro tip here is to use the finest screen or sifter as it will provide you with the purest kief.

    Ice water extraction Method:

    In this method, you create a unique setting to separate the plant glands from the rest of the plant underwater in a cold environment. There are ready-made bags available in the market. You can buy those and use them for the extraction. Similarly, you can also create your own homemade bags, but it increases the process complexity and efforts.

    Low Heat and High-pressure method:

    If you want your concentrate to be in rosin form, this method is the most appropriate one. You can use a rosin press for removing trichomes from buds and leaves. You don’t necessarily have to get the weed in the plant form for this purpose; it works pretty well with kief or hash.

    Rosin press is easily available in the market, but you’ll find the price varies depending upon the size and quality.

    With these methods to create kief, hash, and rosin, you should use your plant weed and convert it in concentrate form for a purer and more potent experience.