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    Have you been vaping with low-quality cartilages? We bet you have never got the right feel or taste of your favorite bud. Getting hands-on with the high-quality product isn’t very cheap, but you can make your THC oil for vaping and enjoy the best experience.

    In this article, we’ll cover all the essential details about THC oil and the process of creating it.

    What is THC oil?

    It is the oil extracted from the cannabis to help you vape the benefits of your favorite weed. You can use THC oil in several other ways as well, along with its utilization in the THC vape pen.

    Method to produce THC oil:

    You can get your THC oil in less time if you have THC Concentrates as raw material, but if you want to make the oil from weed, you’ll need higher expertise and more time. Still, it is doable and can save you money. In this guide, we’ll help you get your THC Concentrate from both flowers and THC Concentrate, so everyone can get the benefit.

    Things you’ll need:

    Here are the ingredients you’ll require for producing your THC oil.

    • 7 g of flower or 1 g of cannabis concentrates.
    • 2 glass jars 
    • Strainer
    • Baking sheet or Pyrex bowl
    • Boiling pot
    • Thermometer
    • Aluminum foil
    • Baking sheet
    • Dropper bottles
    • Terpenes
    • Alcohol

    The process:

    1. Grind the flowers on the baking sheet
    2. Bake the buds in an oven for 30 mins till 225-250 °F. Ensure to maintain the temperature within this range, or you might get your flavor vaporizing. In case you see the vapors forming, turn off the oven right away.
    3. Once done, put these baked buds into the jar (keep it refrigerated for at least 2 hours before use). It will help you in separating the lipids and fats from your baked weed.
    4. Pour in the alcohol in this jar. Ensure that your buds are fully submerged in it. Shake the container gently in a back and forth direction to start a reaction. But don’t over shake it.
    5. Put the jar in the freezer.
    6. Now take the other jar; put the cheesecloth at the top, and pour the weed mixture. Be sure to squeeze every drop out of the cloth.
    7. It is time to evaporate every bit of alcohol out. For that, fill the pot with water and put it on flame. Now place this jar in water. After the completion of the processes, you’ll get the CBD concentrate in pure form.
    8. People having THC Concentrate should get conscious here, as this is the only step they have to perform.
    9. Add 20MG of terpene to the pure THC Concentrate. Whether you have produced your concentrate or have bought it from the market, you have to perform this step. But add terpenes when your concentrate is hot. You can reheat it to make it a perfect mixture.
    10. When your THC oil is ready, take it out of the jar using syringes, and fill the dropper bottles.

    So, everyone out there who wants to create your THC oil for a vape pen, this is the process. Follow it precisely and get some high-quality vaporizer to fill your chambers.