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    How to light a pre-rolled joint? As a newbie, this is a legit question to ask, and this is why we are covering it here for you.

    Process to light pre-rolled joint:

    Follow these steps, and you’ll get a perfectly lighted joint to inhale:

    1. Use the lighter to light the tip of your pre-rolled joint.
    2. Create a pointed tip either by adding an extra paper or through angling, so you can stay in control of the burn.
    3. Rotate the joint in your fingers to create a consistent flame and prevent canoeing.
    4. Smoke and enjoy

    Tips for lighting a pre-rolled joint:

    The veteran consumers have their own methods of lighting the pre-rolled joints to get the best out of them. Eventually, you’ll develop your own methods too. But to start today, you’ll have to keep few things under consideration.

    Go slow:

    To get the perfect experience, you’ll have to create a Cherry; you need a rolled joint, which goes on slowly. So, to get one, you should only light the tip and let it burn. It will take some time, but eventually, it will pay off.

    Getting rash here would either light up your pre-roll too quickly or it will go off completely. We are sure you wouldn’t like to waste your joint. So, have patience and let the entire cherry burn properly.

    Keep the joint in your hand:

    You might have seen a few people lighting their pre-rolled joint in the mouth directly. It might suit them, but we’ll recommend you to keep it between your thumb and index finger. It will allow you to see  the tip burning, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

    As a pro, you can rotate your pre-roll continuously in your fingers after lighting it, so it will get a consistent burn, thus providing you with a pleasant experience.

    Take in smaller puffs:

    If you want to enjoy your pre-roll fully, we recommend you start with smaller puffs. Inhaling too much of the smoke can hurt your lungs and would cause a lot of coughing which could not be enjoyable.

    Adopt this process and get the most out of your pre-rolled joints. With time and experience, you can modify the steps for lighting according to your taste.