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5 Most Potent, High-THC Marijuana Strains

    Some people believe that cannabis is getting stronger. If you consider the amount of THC in many strains today, you can often find ones with very high levels. One reason is that producers are now focusing on growing sinsemilla. These are the tops of unfertilized female marijuana plants, which have higher levels of THC in them. 

    Today, producers will get rid of the leaves and trimmings that do not have much THC in them. Also, the better-known strains often have higher levels of THC because of crossbreeding. If you want to have a very strong high, this is probably great news for you. Or if you are a medical marijuana patient, you might prefer to use high-THC strains. If you are still looking for strains that have a lot of THC in them, consider the following.

    1. Godfather OG

    This is one of the most potent strains you can find out there. This hybrid is dominant in indica, and the THC content can be as high as 34 percent. Even an average sample of Godfather OG might have at least 25 percent of THC in it. The Godfather OG strain is likely a cross of OG Kush, Granddaddy Purps, and Cherry Pie.

    Many people like Godfather OG since it is not only strong but also tastes good. When you smoke it, you will have a cerebral high and a euphoria in your whole body. You will probably feel happy and calm, and the euphoric effects will surround your body and mind. The Godfather OG strain can help you feel extremely relaxed, and you can expect to feel sleepy for the rest of the afternoon. 


    2. Chemdawg

    The THC levels in Chemdawg are as high as 32 percent. It was grown in Denver, Colorado, and it is still a mysterious strain to many people. Its history and genetics are not known. However, some people believe that Chemdawg is a mix of a Nepalese sativa strain and a Thai sativa strain.

    No matter where Chemdawg came from, this is not a strain for a new user. This hybrid is 55 percent indica. Many people know Chemdawg for its pungent smell. The aroma offers notes of diesel. This strain also was used to make Sour Diesel, which is another potent and powerful strain. 

    When you take a hit of Chemdawg, you will have a cerebral high that can be very enjoyable if you know the right way to handle it. You will feel calm and relaxed, and many people who have racing thoughts take it to slow them down. Some people even like to take it at work when they are feeling stressed out. 

    Chemdawg is uplifting and might help you feel more creative. This is often a favourite strain among artists.

    3. Irish Cream

    This highly potent strain was made with selective breeding. Irish Cream is an indica and has a THC level of around 27 percent. This strain offers classic flavours of weed instead of cream. It has a pine and fresh herb scent and offers a highly pleasant experience. 

    Since the strain is so potent, many people who have stress, chronic pain, or anxiety choose to take it. Initially, the high will be cerebral, but you will soon feel sociable and happy. Eventually, your body will feel the effects, so you will be more sedated and ready to fall asleep. Irish Cream is a perfect strain to use during the evening.

    4. White Tahoe Cookies

    White Tahoe Cookies is a newer strain that is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Tahoe OG, and The White. This strain is more than 27 percent THC, and it is one of the strongest in the world. The strain is dominant in indica at about 70 percent. Many people also like how this marijuana strain looks. It has sweet notes, and you can detect the undertones of OG in it.

    You might be surprised at how fast the strain will hit you. You will feel euphoric in just a few minutes, and you will have some good ideas since it is a good strain for being creative. You will have a relaxing buzz in your body and gradually start to feel sedated. Sometimes, the high might last for several hours. That is why White Tahoe Cookie is a great option to have at night. Of course, if you suffer from insomnia, this might be a good option for you.

    Strawberry Banana

    5. Strawberry Banana

    If you want a strain that reminds you of dessert, go for Strawberry Banana. This strain is 70 percent indica and a cross of Strawberry Bubblegum with Crocket’s Banana Kush. It has an average of as much as 31 percent of THC in it. It is known for having an incredible taste that will remind you of bananas and strawberries. It also has a fruity, sweet scent. 

    Although it has a more tropical name, you should only try Strawberry Banana if you are experienced in using cannabis and are ready for an extremely strong high. You will start with a cerebral high in your head and feel more focused during your experience. Eventually, you will be more sedated, and you might be couch-locked. Some patients who have chronic pain use this strain since it is so potent. Many people who have PTSD, insomnia, or depression also choose to use this strain. 

    Closing Thoughts 

    No matter what kind of strain you want to try, remember that just because it is potent and strong does not mean it offers high quality. Luckily, the strains in this list all offer a delicious taste and a good experience that you will likely remember for many years. 

    Of course, the most potent cannabis strains will change a bit from year to year. Today’s growers are constantly finding new ways to boost the potency of their cannabis. There will likely soon be other strains that offer even more potency than these do.